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Production Facilities

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries has a state of the art manufacturing plant which is located in Amman, Jordan with a total production space of around 5,000 m², and total laboratory space of around 500 m².


These facilities are dedicated to the development and production of both the company’s own products and others’ on contract manufacturing or out-licensing basis and are comprised of the following divisions:

Research & Development Laboratories:

with an annual budget ranging 5% to 8% of our company’s revenues dedicated to research and development activities, Amman Pharmaceutical Industries has been able to fortify this vital division with the latest equipment, advanced tools, and brightest staff to fulfill the following activities:

  • Formulation
  • Stability
  • Method of analysis validation

Production Division:

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries is always investing in its production facilities and the continuous expansion of production lines and capacities. These facilities are capable of producing more than 100 million units per year in various forms and doses from the following sections:

  • Sterile Eye Drops Section
  • Sterile Eye Ointments Section
  • Non Sterile Drops Section (Ear, Nose)
  • Topical Dermatology Section
  • Oral Preparations Section
  • Metered Dose Nasal Sprays Section
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Sprays and Aerosols Section
  • Packaging Section
  • .

Quality Control Laboratories:

state of the art labs that are dedicated to performing activities and tests of both Physical-chemical and Microbiological nature. Some of the tests performed before, during, and after production takes place are:
  • Starting material testing.
  • In-process control testing and inspection.
  • Bulk product testing.
  • Finished product testing.
  • Validation and on-going stability

Accreditations & Certifications

This manufacturing site has an exceptional compliance history with national, regional, and international regulatory agencies and has always maintained to receive full accreditations and certifications namely: ISO 9001-2008, cGMP from local authorities and various other countries in the Middle East and Africa, CE, GCC FDA, WHO as demonstrated here.

Accreditations & Certifications

EOY Award 2012
ISO 9001 (Lloyds)