Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API) was established in 1989 as one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the MENA region


Apisal Jet baby Nasal Spray is a safe drug-free physiological saline solution, that can be used as often as needed, to cleanse and moisturize nasal passages and help in removing incrustations, bacteria, viruses, allergens or irritants entrapped in the nasal mucosa.
Apisal Jet Baby Nasal Spray delivers what is needed and provides a comprehensive nasal care system made especially for infants and newborns.



Natural, Safe, and drug free and can be used as often as needed.
Pressurized 125ml aerosol that delivers an ultra-gentle mist that flows smoothly and continuously without any need for repeated hand pumping motion.
BOV Technology allows use at all angles (360?) even upside down.
Tip designed to fit baby?s tiny noses.
Removable Tip that can be easily sterilized and cleaned.