Decozal Menthol nasal spray 0.1%
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Decozal Menthol nasal spray 0.1%

•Nasal spray.
•Better coverage for nasal passages.
•For the symptomatic treatment of nasal  congestion and rhinorrhoea in connection with common colds.
•Act by narrowing the blood vessels in the nose area, reducing swelling and congestion.
•Alleviate the allergic symptoms.
•Menthol facilitates easier breathing through the nose.
•Fast onset of action (within2  minutes).
•Relief at 5 min with continued improvement over the first 30 min.
•Effect lasts for up to 12 hours.
•Higher concentration with higher effectiveness.
•Safe to use  for adolescents 12 years and over.

Nasal Spray
10 ml
Xylometazoline HCl , Menthol
shelf life: 
2 years