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Be Oryx



Beoryx has the answer

What if you could have your eyelashes and eyebrows do more than just frame your face? Say hello to Beoryx Upgraded Eyelash and eyebrows Growth Serum.

Say goodbye to thin, brittle lashes

This eyelash serum helps promote hair growth, making them stronger and fuller — perfect for achieving the false lash effect without having to deal with messy glues. Say goodbye to brittle lashes!

BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash

Achieve More
with Beoryx

BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash
Strengthens lashes to be long and healthy-looking. - Thickens eyebrows for a fuller look without looking too heavy or fake - Fills in sparse areas on eyelids and brows with a natural-looking finish - Enhances lash length and thickness
BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash

Grow lashes like never before

Grow your patience and believe in the power of Beoryx EyeLashes to give you the best of worlds for your lashes





BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash






Say hello to natural-looking eyebrows

No more pencils or powders! Just a little bit of Beoryx goes a long way in making those brows fuller and healthier with just one use. Say hello to natural-looking brows!

BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash
BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash

Achieve the look you always wanted

Beoryx is a revolutionary eyelash and eyebrows growth serum that helps you achieve your desired look and eliminate the need for mascara.
BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash

How to use BeOryx EyeLash

– Before use, make sure to remove your contact lenses and clean your eyelashes from makeup.
– Once at night, place enough amount of BeOryx on
one applicator.
– Apply it to your upper eyelashes roots.
– Clean any excess solution on the eyelid margin.
– Repeat on the opposite eye.
– Discard the applicator after each use.​

BeOryx For eyeBrows and eyeLash

How to use BeOryx EyeBrows

– Before use, make sure to clean your eyebrows
– Once at night, place enough amount of Beoryx on one applicator.
– Apply as much serum as necessary to fill in the gaps or to cover the entire eyebrow.
– Clean any excess solution.
– Repeat on the opposite eyebrow.
– Discard the applicator after each use.

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No more counting on mascara to do the work for you

Mascara will always be a part of a woman’s makeup routine, but with Beoryx, it does so much more. Reduce your makeup time in half with our lash and brow serum that adds volume and length to your lashes without smudging or clumping!

What Our Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Us

I've been using Beoryx for about a month now and I am so happy with the results of my lashes! My friends and family have asked me what I have been doing to my lashes and eyebrows to get such great results. It is really good for the price point, you won't be disappointed!

Amal Mohammad

I have been using the Beoryx products and have noticed a great difference in my lashes! I've had long, thick beautiful lashes for years now. I recommend this to friends who are looking for a better or more affordable solution than extensions."

Rahaf AlQodra

I've always been self-conscious about my eyebrows. They were always too thin and too sparse. Now, I have a full beautiful set of brows thanks to Beoryx! I love how easy it is to apply and how natural the results look.

Dania Almomni