Amman Pharmaceutical Industries launches Apisal sparkling nasal spray
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Amman Pharmaceutical Industries launches Apisal sparkling nasal spray
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries Company (API) launched its new product, Apisal sparkling nasal spray in a special scientific event that was organized last Monday night at the Fairmont Amman Hotel in cooperation with the Society of Ear Nose and Throat (ENT).
During this scientific event Professor Stanley Lech introduced the features and therapeutic benefits of this new product, which is considered a revolution in the field of cleansing saline sinuses and nasal sprays, also clarified the importance of the triple formula (sea water, sea salts and carbon dioxide) to relief nose Symptoms of allergic rhinitis and sinuses through the active cleansing provided by this unique formula based on the latest research.
Professor Stanley Lech is a development and innovation pioneer in major international pharmaceutical corporations such as gsk and Sanofi and has developed sparkling nasal spray technology at Clover hill healthcare laboratories in the USA.
During the event doctors discussed some clinical issues and asked a number of questions and inquiries regarding the use of Apisal sparkling in such cases.
Dr. Mohammad Al-Atrash, Chairman of the Board and Dr. Fadi Al-Atrash, General Manager of Amman Pharmaceutical Industries thanked the invitees for their attendance and their valuable participation and expressed how proud they are of Jordanian pharmaceutical industries progress and good reputation.
Apisal brand was first introduced in 1989 as a leading and effective solution for nasal and sinus care nowadays Apisal is one of the leading brands in the region and the world in the field of nasal and sinus care.
The new Apisal sparkling nasal spray is an added value addition to Apisal brand and SKUs portfolio which is distributed between nasal drops and sprays with different formulations and compositions to suit all indications and age categories.